Brisk EV

Join us in celebrating our partnership with Brisk EV, pioneering the future of electric bikes.






Video Production and Editing


Product Video

To propel Brisk EV's journey, we orchestrated a vibrant launch campaign spotlighting the power, agility, and eco-consciousness of their electric bikes. Through visually striking graphics and captivating videos, we showcased Brisk EV's lineup, emphasizing its unique features and sleek designs. This initiative effectively ignited excitement and interest among riders and environmental enthusiasts alike.

Continuing our commitment, we've executed ongoing social media marketing efforts, strategic ad placements. Additionally, we've conducted street surveys to gauge public awareness and perception of electric vehicles.

Snaps From the Project

Working with Modern Day was an absolute delight! Their team's creativity knows no bounds, and they consistently delivered beyond our expectations. From branding to digital marketing, they helped elevate our brand to new heights. Highly recommended!

Swati, C.E.O, Brisk

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