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  1. Environmental Focus: Effectively conveying the product's eco-friendly aspects and benefits to a broad audience.

  2. Visual Storytelling: Creating a compelling narrative that showcased the power bank's functionality and versatility.

  3. Limited Budget: Staying within budget while maintaining production quality for a high-quality commercial.

Project Phases:

1. Pre-Production (March - April 2023):

  • Extensive consultations with EcoTech Innovations to understand their goals, target market, and key messages.

  • Concept development and scriptwriting with a strong environmental theme.

  • Location scouting for outdoor shooting and casting for relatable talent.

  • Development of a production schedule and budget plan.

2. Production (May - June 2023):

  • Three days of on-location shooting to capture the product's eco-friendly features in outdoor settings.

  • Hiring professional actors and an experienced production crew.

  • Use of sustainable production practices to align with the product's green image.

3. Post-Production (July - August 2023):

  • Video editing and storytelling to highlight the power bank's utility in various outdoor scenarios.

  • Integration of motion graphics and animations to emphasize the product's eco-friendly aspects.

  • Voice-over recording and sound design to create an immersive viewing experience.

  • Color grading and enhancement of visual aesthetics.

  • Collaboration with EcoTech Innovations for feedback and revisions.

4. Final Delivery (September 2023):

  • Presentation of the completed "EcoCharge Solar Power Bank Commercial" to EcoTech Innovations.

  • Iterations and refinements based on client feedback.

  • Delivery of the final video in multiple formats suitable for TV, web, and social media platforms.


The EcoCharge Solar Power Bank Commercial" achieved remarkable results:

  • Upon release on YouTube, it received over 3 million views within the first month.

  • EcoTech Innovations reported a substantial increase in website traffic, product inquiries, and sales.

  • The video garnered industry recognition and won a Green Marketing Excellence Award.

Snaps From the Project

Loved the presentation, super fast deliver.

Ram, COO

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